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Essential for today's grower, screening helps to regulate temperature as well as light and shade.

Horizontal Screening


Horizontal screening is one of the essential ingredients for today's grower. The use of thermal / shade screens is the best way of achieving this.

Some growers have more than one screening system, (one energy & one shade), to help reduce energy costs.

There are two types of operating systems available for horizontal screening; Rack & Pinion or a Wire Driven system. The Wire Driven system offers advantages for large glasshouse installations, especially blackout screening, as it offers a delay mechanism to ensure complete closure of the screen.

Screens are fabricated from varying types of cloth, ranging from:

  • Open weave material, allowing the air to flow through the cloth material, providing a range of shade values, yet low energy saving

  • Closed weave material, offering a range of shade values, but also good energy saving

  • Energy saving material, which gives high heat saving, yet virtually no shade properties

  • Blackout material for day length control, whilst still having energy & shading properties, this material is commonly used in conjunction with supplementary lighting.

All cloth types are fire retardant to meet with current requirements


Case Studies

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