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Post-Brexit collaboration ensures continuation of services in the UK

Recently Ebtech Glasshouse Systems Ltd, based in East Yorkshire, UK and Smiemans Projecten BV in the Netherlands have joined forces in offering their combined services to the UK garden centre market.

Both companies have been building and renovating glass structures for many years now and the two have recently cemented their working relationship.

This partnership allows garden centres in the UK a wider range of services and a local service point.

Now that the United Kingdom is no longer part of the EU, this collaboration ensures a better, continuous, and faster realization of their services in the British market, whilst still providing the Smiemans technology & experience.

Ebtech Glasshouse Systems are providers of new or used glasshouses, benching & irrigation systems, heating & screening and complete turnkey projects from conception to completion. Contact us to discuss your ideas and plans or visit


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