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Completing the supply & construction of a small used glasshouse

Ebtech Glasshouse Systems have successfully completed the supply & construction of a small used glasshouse measuring 1,017.00m² in Cambridgeshire, albeit it wasn’t just a straightforward stand-alone structure.

The glasshouse had to fit in an area surrounded by two glasshouses and a Polytunnel.

The structure was attached not just to the gable end of one of the existing glasshouses, but also the side wall of the other, however it didn’t end there, as we then had to build over an existing water storage tank and pump house.

The glasshouse itself was clad in sandwich panels on the roof and the remaining gable end, whilst the remaining side wall was glazed in standard glass with a glazed partition wall across the middle of the house.

The adjoining side wall glazing was replaced with hazed glass for added privacy.

A total of four of the clients existing doors where installed, two of them linking into the existing structures.

The structure has a 4.00m post height and consists of a 9.60m & a 12.80m bays and 4.50m sections, total length, 45.00m.

A challenging, but very rewarding project to the delight of the client and delivered on schedule.

Should you have a project you would like Ebtech to look at, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our website for further information.

Ebtech Glasshouse Systems are providers of new or used glasshouses, benching & irrigation systems, heating & screening and complete turnkey projects from conception to completion.

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