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We are experienced in the total design and build of Glasshouses for the horticultural, agricultural & commercial industry, from commission to installation.


New Venlo Glasshouses


The modern Venlo glasshouse is the most versatile of structures, supplied in differing bay widths and section lengths, along with higher posts helps to create a larger and more open climate space.

The Venlo provides the perfect template to enable us to design a growing area to meet most requirements.


Working with our Dutch suppliers, all new commercial glasshouses are designed with state of the art technology and construction.

Venlos are becoming renowned for creating better light levels for plants. New commercial Venlo glasshouses are typically designed in roof spans of 3.2m & 4.0m, but also 4.80m. 


Glasshouse widths can be made up of between one and four roof sections, supported by a trellis girder to provide a greater open space between support posts. It is also possible to install under gutter trellis girders to provide better building options in circumstances such as glasshouse orientation or the need for larger post-free areas.

The Venlo glasshouse can be glazed in different materials to meet the needs of the environment - including tempered glass, white glass, polycarbonate, horticultural glass, diffused, or frameless glass.

Structures can be clad in coloured insulated sandwich panelling to provide the perfect internal office space within the glasshouse whilst also providing the external look of a stylish building.

The Venlo structure is suitably designed to accommodate all services, such as screening, lighting, irrigation or heating systems as they can seamlessly be integrated into the structure.

Case Studies

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