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David Cank, Partner in Severndales Nursery in Shropshire, asked Ebtech Glasshouse Systems to replace a number of his existing nursery glasshouse doors.

Before After

Although they had been well looked after, age related problems with weathering on the wooden doors and framework now meant they were starting to leak and rot away. The doors were sticking on the runners and became very hard to open for David’s family members, staff and the public.

We had to remove the existing wooden doors and framework, then rebuild the openings around the new doors for a weather tight fit and make the structure secure.

The wooden framework was replaced with steel and Aluminium, to which the new doors were fitted.

The existing door runners were reused after a little greasing, and the doors fitted so they once again ran smoothly.

The areas around the doors had new glazing bars fitted and were re-glazed.

The doors are aluminium and glazed with safety glass and aluminium bottom infills.

David commented, “Having the doors replaced along the nursery front has given the whole Nursery frontage a bit of a facelift, as well as making it a lot easier to access the various houses where we grow the high quality plant material”.

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