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Ebtech Glasshouse Systems replaced old wooden glasshouses with a larger nearly 2-acre block of used materials from Holland at the site of PR & AJ Mercer.

The Glasshouse covered 7,573.76m² measuring 132 metres long and 57.6 metres wide with a post height of 3.5 metres. The bay widths were 9.6m wide and the sections were 4m long. The glasshouse has black mastic coated steel gutters.

It was a challenge, because the new block had to be attached to an existing block on one side, then come around the corner of a shed, (attaching to it), and attach to the gable end of a block of a lower height, then seal it all in to make it weatherproof.

With all the metalwork in place, glazing is normally a straightforward job. In this case, however, it took longer than expected thanks to the weather. It was December and it was windy, but it was the rain that caused problems. It got very boggy and the client was forced to dig trenches to let the water flow away and it was only when we got the roof in place that the soil could start to dry out.

Basic ventilation is provided on both sides of the ridge by a Rail Mech mechanism with triple-pane vents.

Ebtech Glasshouse Systems are providers of new or used glasshouses, benching & irrigation systems, heating & screening and complete turnkey projects from conception to completion. Contact us to discuss your ideas and plans or visit


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