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Replacing a garden centre roof whilst remaining open to the public.

When Coletta & Tyson Retail Ltd started looking to solve the problem of cooling in the summer and warming in the winter, as well as stopping roof leaks, they invited Ebtech Glasshouse Systems to offer a solution for replacing the existing 2,500m2 of glass in the roof over the main retail area of the Garden Centre.

The client was concerned that the area was getting too hot in the summer months for staff and customers and proving hard to heat and keep warm during the winter months. They also had stock losses due to drips and rain through leaking glazing bars and vents.

The remit was to try and match with the existing roof over the pet area, whilst also wanting to increase light levels within the new finished roof solution.

Ebtech proposed and provided a full bent over sandwich panel system. The 40mm thick, 1150mm wide panels are made of steel on both sides with a fire-retardant material sandwiched between.

Coletta & Tyson chose to opt for a white colour coating on the inside of the panels to reflect light and brighten the atmosphere, whilst also going with one metre wide light panels to give them enough ambient filtered light.

The roof renovation had to be installed whilst the garden centre was still open and operational albeit at its quietest period of the year, that being January.

Sections of the garden centre were fenced off to the public whilst we removed the existing roof glass & structure and installed the new roofing system.

With instructions to ensure the roof was not left exposed to the elements each evening and with one eye on the weather, we began to clear half a bay at a time.

With one team working in front removing the existing glass roof and the renovation team mounting the new roof behind them fastening all the new sandwich panels in place they progressed quickly.

We successfully managed to close-up the roof at the end of each working day to minimise any potential rain or snow damage.

The existing full glass roof structure was removed and replaced with the new roof panels over a ten-day period.

Once the roof panels were in place, we fitted the external gutters, window seals and sealed the panels and roof structure from the outside to make it water tight.

The whole project was completed within seventeen days to the satisfaction of the customer.

Following completion our client has already expressed how light the area remains and how warm the environment has become whilst reducing the input of heat into the building.

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