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Ebtech Glasshouse Systems provide a glasshouse extension at Brackenwood Garden Centre

Ebtech Glasshouse systems have recently supplied & built a small used glasshouse extension at Brackenwood Garden Centre in Bristol, with sister company, Ebtech Energy Systems providing and installing the replacement hot air heating system.

Following a recommendation, Brackenwood contracted Ebtech to attach an extension to their existing glasshouse gable end wall to increase the growing area by an additional 135m².

Replacing the existing tunnel space and removing the glass on the existing glasshouse gable wall provided additional larger and more workable space which will help increase production in the garden centre whilst also providing a better growing environment.

The glasshouse has a post height of only 2.60m from the top of concrete dolly to match with the existing house and has a two pane swing rod ventilation system on either side of the ridge.

The walls are 400mm high Zeus panels and the gutters are steel.

There are three sliding doors to enable the client ease of access to the glasshouse from his potting area and into the rest of the main garden centre.

One hot air cabinet was installed in the new house with the second replacing one in a different part of the garden centre

Working with the client was a real pleasure and everything ran smoothly to everyone’s satisfaction with all works completed in good time for the arrival of the new batch of plants.

Ebtech Glasshouse Systems are providers of new or used glasshouses, benching & irrigation systems, heating & screening and complete turnkey projects from conception to completion. Contact us to discuss your ideas and plans or visit


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