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Ebtech Glasshouse Systems have recently been working very closely with the John Innes Centre in Norfolk, in the way of supplying and installing their last three requirements for ebb & flood benching in the recently revamped glasshouses.

The high impact polystyrene bench flood tops are designed to fill and drain at the same end and complete with quick drain valves were connected to a flexible hose, (via the client), to take the water to the floor drain.

The legs are galvanised and bolted to the floor with the supports spaced every 2m

The benches are 900mm high from the floor to the top of the bench side, adjustable ± 5cm

Each side profile of the benches is 150mm deep aluminium.

All the benches were installed by Ebtech Glasshouse Systems in conjunction with their Dutch partners successfully to the delight of the end users.

Ebtech Glasshouse Systems are providers of new or used glasshouses, benching & irrigation systems, heating & screening and complete turnkey projects from conception to completion. Contact us to discuss your ideas and plans or visit


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