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Ebtech Glasshouse Systems have installed a new screening system at the site of Wyeplants in Lincolnshire.

The glasshouse measured 3 bays of 6.40m wide x 15 sections of 3.00 metres long, a total area of 864m². The screen is a wire driven system operated by a Ridder drive unit. The mechanism incorporates an aluminium leading edge profile and slipping element, along with sealing pelmets neatly installed along each side wall.

The cloth was weighted on each side wall with chains sewn into the fabric.

We installed Svensson screen cloth, type Harmony 5220 O FR to mainly provide shade over thermal and allow the air to flow through the cloth.

The flame retardant Harmony cloth provides a diffused light scattering, allowing the plants to flourish in the greenhouse.

The challenge of the installation was the mobile benching that had to remain in situ throughout the installation, but with the use of walking boards this problem was easily overcome and the installation was carried out to the complete satisfaction of the client.

Another neat and tidy installation.

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